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Jul 5 '11

What you can do with Beta-1

A week ago we quietly let our Sign Up link go live.  We’re calling this release Beta-1.  Here’s what you can do in this release:

  • Add a property to manage, and add in current housemates at this property
  • If your housemates aren’t Rentlorders, no sweat, just key in their email address and we’ll send them a link to claim their place in your home
  • Manage communications with one another on the Whiteboard: split bills, pass notes, report problems to the landlord
  • Describe your property in the Property Profile
  • Flip a switch to list it on the market
  • Make an offer on the rental market
  • Make payments and manage finances

Jul 4 '11

What specific actions can Google+ take to beat Facebook?

What specific actions can Google+ take to beat Facebook? 1 answer on Quora

What specific actions can Google+ take to beat Facebook?

Jun 30 '11

Jun 30 '11

Now beta: Ready to change the world

Time’s flown by for the Alpha, and we’ve been really busy at Rentlord HQ:

  • Getting the rental market, listing, and amazing Make an Offer process ready
  • Partnering with a Legal 500 law firm to give you add-on legal services (we’ve negotiated great rates with them).  Also you now have the assurance that Rentlord contracts are watertight via such a partnership.  Certainly a first in the consumer P2P renting world
  • Set up our base at Innospace, Manchester Metropolitan University’s business incubator
  • Exhibited at Cambridge University’s Tech Ventures Conference
  • Got selected for Seedcamp New York, went there, had an awesome time and got amazing feedback from top VCs, entrepreneurs and specialists
  • Shaped up Rentlord for a public beta, ready to change the world

May 1 '11

Status: Going Beta

If you’ve come in here from our homepage ( or twitter — @rentlord — you’ll be glad to know we’re going Beta soon.

This means we’re making a basic set of features (what the lean startup movement calls a ‘minimum viable product’) available, to a limited market.

The idea’s to get Rentlord pushed out, into your homes, helping you out where it really counts immediately: living together, managing your finances, sharing bills — being a communication hub for your home.

You’ll also be able to set up REAL, LIVE, WATERTIGHT tenancy agreements. Free of charge. No more lawyers (because one of our founding team’s a lawyer, think of her as YOUR lawyer) or estate agents to be seen as an ‘essential’ part of renting.

Our vision is to make home renting universally accessible: secure and online.

Renting, truly democratized.

Apr 29 '11

Rent Homes: Free, Online, Forever.

Hi Rentlorders

It’s been 3 years of working together and developing Rentlord from the initial seed idea. In March of 2011, we went private Alpha. 

Here’s our personal blog, sharing tech and behind-the-scenes stuff: basically a journal of how a group of crazy people created a social networking site in their backyard.

We’re renters ourselves, we felt the injustice of being charged high agent fees, and were pretty sure we weren’t alone.

One day, we said, hey, we could do this. I mean, ANYONE could do this. So why not make a platform so that everyone, and ANYONE can rent online, from anywhere in the world, any time.

'Free. Online. Forever.'

That motto and vision’s kept us going, to build the coolest, most incredible app for home renters in the world.

And now we’re gonna share it with you. And show you how we built it.

Apr 28 '11

Four Things Some VCs Do That I Don’t Like :

Apr 27 '11

Whom should you hire at a startup?

Apr 25 '11

How @Etsy @Ebay @Reddit @Skype got their names

Apr 25 '11

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